FEBRUARY 20, 2020

DIRECTORS/OFFICERS PRESENT: Dennis Kurtz, Vice President/Acting President; Gail Buono, Treasurer; Gail Karr; Janet McVickar
ALSO PRESENT: Ten other Members – see Attendee Sign-In Sheet attached.

1-3: Following introductions, Acting President Dennis Kurtz presented an overview and review of the purposes of the Association.

  1. Treasurer Gail Buono gave the Annual Treasurer’s Report:
    Income: $250.00 grant from South Santa Fe Co-op Association
    Expenses: $10.00 filing fee for State of New Mexico annual filing; $56.00 annual Post Office box fee
    Net Income: $184.00
    Current cash bank balance: $7,395.42
    Other matters: Annual filings are due in July. There should be a minimum of eight Board members. Board meetings are the third Thursday of each month except for August and September.
  2. Nomination and Election of Board of Directors
    a. Those present unanimously re-affirmed the remaining terms of the current Board members who were present:
    Gail Bouno; Gail Karr; Dennis Kurtz; and Janet McVickar
    b. It was moved by Walter Wait and seconded by Janet McVickar to nominate the following four other people for election to the Board:
    Jill Cliburn; Laird Graeser; Karen Keeney; and Elizabeth West.
    All four were elected as Board members for two year terms by unanimous vote of those present.
    Walter Wait noted that the Board can elect other members to the Board during the year, who shall then be confirmed at the next Annual Meeting.
  3. Nomination and Election of Officers
    President: Dennis Kurtz (moved by Walter Wait, seconded by Janet McVickar)
    Vice President: Janet McVickar (moved by Walter Wait, seconded by Elizabeth West)
    Treasurer: Gail Buono (moved by Walter Wait, seconded by Jill Cliburn)
    Secretary: Karen Keeney (moved by Walter Wait, seconded by Janet McVickar)
    All four officers were elected by unanimous vote of those present.
  4. Brainstorming Session
    President Kurtz then led a brainstorming session to gather ideas for future discussion/consideration by the Association. See Summary attached.
  5. Next Public Board Meeting:
    Thursday, March 19, 2020; 6:00 pm
    Tentative location: Turquoise Trail Volunteer Fire Department on Hwy 14

Respectfully submitted:
Karen Keeney, Secretary