2024 San Marcos Association Annual Meeting
Thursday, February 22, 2024
(via ZOOM)






2024 Annual Organizational Meeting (Via ZOOM)
February 22, 2024
(6:00 – 7:30 PM)
via ZOOM

1.    Welcome
2.    Board Introductions and ZOOM Meeting Etiquette
3.    Approval of Agenda (Discussion/Action)
4.    Approval of Minutes – January 18, 2024 (Discussion/Action)
5.    Acceptance of Minutes of Action Without a Meeting (Article V, §10)
        a.    Posting of Donations Link
6.    Overview and Purpose of The San Marcos Association – Dennis Kurtz, President
7.    Introductions and Guest Presentations (Others may also be present)
        a.    Hank Hughes – Santa Fe County District 5 Commissioner
        b.    Camilla Bustamante – Santa Fe County District 3 Commissioner
        c.    Nate Crail – Santa Fe County Growth Management
        d.    Assistant Santa Fe County Fire Chief Jaome Blay
        e.    Cathy Weber – President Amigos de Cerrillos Hills State Park
        f.    Katherine Bilton – (President) Santa Fe Gateway Alliance
8.    Treasurer’s Report (Gail Buono, Treasurer)
9.    SMA Community Outreach Efforts – Initial SMA Survey Results
10.  Nomination and Election of 2024/26 Board Directors – (Discussion/Action)
         a.    Current Board Members serving 2-year terms (2023- Feb. 2025) are Gail Buono, Janet McVickar, Dennis Kurtz, Douglas Speer, Theresa Mendoza, Maggie Macaulay
         b.    Up for Re-Election for 2-year terms of Feb. 2024 – Feb. 2026 are Courtney Price, Jill Cliburn, Laird Graeser, Elizabeth West – (Discussion/Action)
         c.    Nomination of New Board Members (2-year term Feb. 2024 – Feb. 2026) – (Discussion/Action)

11.    Nomination and Election of 2024 Officers – Slate approved by SMA Board of Directors on January 18, 2024 (Discussion/Action)
         a.    President – Dennis Kurtz
         b.    Vice-President – Janet McVickar
         c.    Secretary – Laird Graeser
         d.    Treasurer – Gail Buono

12.     Ongoing and Future Issues for the San Marcos Association
          a.    San Marcos Planning District Overlay – (3/12 – BCC)
          b.    Cerrillos SC/FS – Date of completion mid-August, 2024
         c.    Automobile Traffic and the Bonanza Creek/Shenandoah Trail – HWY 14 Intersection
         d.    2024 Legislation as it Pertains to the Future of SMA’s Advocacy Area
         e.    Solar Energy Projects
         f.    Water Resources and Sustainability in Santa Fe County
         g.    Fire Safety
         h.    Mt. Chalchihuitl

13.    Upcoming 2024 Board Meetings (Information)

14.     Adjournment