MAY 21, 2020

DIRECTORS/OFFICERS PRESENT: Dennis Kurtz, President; Janet McVickar, Vice President; Karen Keeney, Secretary; Jill Cliburn; Laird Graeser; Gail Karr; Elizabeth West.

1-2: The meeting began with introductions, announcements and a review of teleconference etiquette, clarifying some ground rules to enhance communication.

3. It was moved by Janet McVickar, seconded by Elizabeth West and passed unanimously that the Agenda be approved as presented.

4. It was moved by Elizabeth West, seconded by Laird Graeser and passed unanimously that the Minutes of the April 16, 2020, Board meeting be approved as submitted.

5.a. Treasurer Gail Buono was excused from attendance, and subsequently submitted the Treasurer’s Report:
Opening Balance on 3/19/20 $7,390.42
Plus deposit on 3/20, Graebs’ donation 20.00
Less debit on 3/31 for checks (14.25)
Less check 1050 on 4/17 to Gail Buono, one year (47.40)
Website hosting by Dreamhost
Less check 1051 on 4/17 to Courtney Price: Plug-in (190.00)
at $70/year and WordPress theme license
Less debit on 5/20 to NM Secretary of State for (10.00)
Annual report
Closing Balance on 5/21/20 $7,148.77
The new supply of checks was received from the bank.

5.b. The issue of possibly changing to another bank in the future was deferred to a later date given the challenges of changing banks in the middle of the current pandemic.

6.a. Courtney Price submitted an email report on the progress of website development. Significant work has been accomplished and the new site is almost ready for a soft launch. It has a Home page, SMA Dispatches, Agendas, Minutes, and other SMA communications such as the TriLeaf letter re the proposed cell tower. The Archives will be moved over later as much of that information needs to be re-formatted. There is no need to keep the old website as Courtney now has all that information preserved. The email list sign up section is working well.
It was moved by Elizabeth West, seconded by Gail Karr and passed unanimously that Courtney Price is authorized to take the steps necessary to complete the soft launch of the new website. Ongoing gratitude was expressed to Courtney.

6.b. The second SMA Dispatch went out relating to new protocols for emergency responders during the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to Laird Graeser for his work.
Jill Cliburn proposed a third Dispatch encouraging people to vote in the upcoming Primary election, and providing information on voting procedures and timelines along with the SF County Commission District 5 candidates. Jill will draft the Dispatch asap, Laird will send a photo selection to Jill, and Dennis Kurtz will circulate the draft to the Board for review. As always, prompt replies from Board members are appreciated so the necessary quorum can be achieved and the Dispatch can be distributed to the public in a timely way.

6.c. The TTVFD rummage sale scheduled for this June has been cancelled.

6.d. SMA submitted a letter to Trileaf by their deadline expressing our opposition to their proposed location of a cell tower within the Cerrillos Historic Mining District. The Board discussed how to make our position public. It was moved by Janet McVickar, seconded by Elizabeth West and passed unanimously to put the SMA letter to Trileaf on the SMA website, send out an email blast to our list, and advise Las Candelas de Cerrillos and Cerrillos Hills State Park of our action and support.
Janet McVickar will follow up with the New Mexico State Historic Preservation Office and keep tabs on the process so we can determine whether further action is needed from SMA. The broader question of whether there should be a cell tower at all in or near Cerrillos is for consideration at another time.

7.a. The Board held further discussion about the SF County District 5 Commissioner race between Hank Hughes and Floyd Trujillo. SMA will remain neutral, and include candidate information in the upcoming Dispatch. Laird Graeser suggested that SMA might sponsor candidate forums in the future.

8. Next Public Board Meeting:
Thursday, June 18, 2020
Tentative location: Remote meeting via teleconference

Respectfully submitted: Karen Keeney, Secretary